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 Check out the Training Calendar for all of our 2020 Training Events including our Land Navigation Courses, Intro to Covert Carry, Low Light/No Light Shooting, Tactical to Practical Pistol/Carbine Courses and Women's Only Shooting Courses!!

Check out our new "Stop the Bleed" Training Course

Check out our new NRA Home Firearms Safety Course

(Mass LTC and FID) and our NRA Range Safety Officer Course


Everyone at Asymmetric Training and Assessment Group ATAG LLC is looking forward to our 2020 Training Year. 
Asymmetric Training and Assessment Group (A.T.A.G) is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date training for the Tactical Law Enforcement Operator.  
A.T.A.G. specializes in Tactical Training, Organizational Development, Risk Assessments, Vulnerability Assessments, CBRNE Operations, Crisis Negotiation, Research and Development and Leadership Training services that are tailored to your organization, your challenges, and your people.
A.T.A.G.'s primary mission is to provide the latest training tactics, technigues and procedures using your facility, saving your agency logistical costs, while at the same time, providing your personnel the best course of instruction possible. 

In 2019 Members of our Training Cadre again advised the Woonsocket Police Special Reaction Team SRT in preparation for the Connecticut SWAT Challenge.

ATAG hosted training courses at the Wallum Lake Rod and Gun Club, Harrisville Rhode Island and Blackstone Valley Beagle Club in Douglas, Massachusetts.

ATAG courses inlcuded our Intro to Covert Carry Course, Intro To Low Light No Light Course, Basic and Night Land Navigation Courses, Basic Wilderness Search and Rescue and assisted training operations with the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency, the Defense Department  and with US Special Operations Command

In addition to conducting training operations, ATAG conducted Physical Security and Vulnerability Assessments with school departments and organizations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Looking forward to 2020 and hope to see you on the range!

For information about attending or hosting a course, send your questions, to