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Tactical Training Courses


  • Basic and Advanced CQB
  • Basic and Advanced Sniper Observer Course
  • Basic and Advanced Tactical Pistol Course
  • Basic and Advanced Patrol Rifle Course
  • Basic and Advanced Land Navigation Course
  • Basic CBRNE Operations Course
  • Basic Search and Rescue
  • Basic Tactical Medic Course
  • Active Shooter Course
  • Advanced Stalking Course
  • Surveillance Tactical/Narcotic
  • Tactical Fitness Course

Security Assessment Services

  • Physical Security Assessments for Schools
  • Public Buildings
  • Hospitals and other Municipal Essential Vulnerable Areas

Tactical Planning and Instructor Courses

  • Tactical Team Leader Training Course
  • Tactical Commanders Training Course
  • CQB Instructor Course
  • CQB Shoothouse Instructor Course
  • Less Lethal Munitions Instructor Course